Small-Scale Green or Living Building Construction Course

A Haines Borough School District small-scale green or living building construction course to provide basic vocational training in the building trades that can lead to green collar careers.

Proposed by 7 Echoes Homestead, the course is the first step in exploring ways to develop a 2+2+2+2 plan where Haines Borough 1st year high school students work on a start-to-finish green or living building project in two semesters and have additional options to pursue post-secondary education and green collar careers.

2012-2013 school year.

Design by Larry Larson, Deadtree Design, Haines, Alaska

Ed Hays and Darwin Keats, Instructors

Land Reclamation and Permaculture Education 

Designed to involve high school students and adults as citizen scientists in developing model permaculture sites at 7 Echoes Homestead on Mud Bay, Haines Alaska. A sequential, integrated curriculum will give participants an understanding and appreciation of local ecology and the role we play in our environment.

Cleanup and restoration will take place along portions of a stream, the intertidal zone and tidal flats over the next three years.

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