About 7echoes Homestead

The homestead is named in remembrance of the echoes Louis O. Nelson's French horn produced from surround-mountains.


Summer 2007
10 Haines gardeners join together to continue planting Hazel and Louis Nelson organic garden at the 7 Mile Mud Bay Road homestead. Gardening becomes an annual operation. Collaborative long-range planning begins with the goal of protecting the wildlife corridor at the head of Mud Bay.
Summer 2008 
Carol Tuynman begins correspondence with Southeast Alaska Land Trust, Juneau, for conservation easement on Nelson Homestead. Ongoing into 2012 and beyond.
May 2010
Beaufort, SC - Artist Exchange co-sponsored by 7 Echoes Homestead and Haines Assisted Living brings visual artist Melba Cooper and South Carolina history buff Paul Cooper to Haines for one month residency. Workshops and presentations at Haines Borough Public Library, Sheldon Museum and Cultural Center, Lynn Canal Counseling, Haines Borough Schools, Haines Assisted Living and Haines Senior Center. A day-long field journaling workshop at River House is attended by 8 local artists and writers.
May 8 - 14, 2011
Red Cottage Studio LEED and Sustainable Architects Lydia Marshall and Robert Drucker invited to Haines community to tour examples of local energy efficient construction and share their expertise in a Haines Borough Public Library presentation attended by 45 residents, homeowners and construction professionals. Two days are devoted to walking the homestead for purposes of a future master plan.
Spring 2011
Conservation Buyer comes forward to purchase 90% of Nelson Homestead to place the land in a conservation easement that will protect a signifiant wildlife corridor and watershed. 7 Echoes Homestead advisory committee assembled and plans made to initiate business planning and programs to promote the arts and sustainable lifestyle practices for life-long learning in the Haines community.
July 17 - 19, 2011
7 Echoes Homestead co-hosts with Southeast Alaska Watershed Coalition a US Corps of Engineers Wetland Delineation Training for 22 Alaska municipal planners, Tribal representatives, environmentalists, landowners and nonprofit organizations; field work on the homestead mud flats and uplands.
September 17-
18, 2011
Southeast Alaska Watershed Coalition brings Paul Adamus to Haines for West US Wetland Assessment Training. 7 Echoes Homestead hosts Adamus.
October 19, 2011 -
February 29, 2012
Carol Tuynman makes scheduled visits to artist retreats, learning centers, permaculture sites, organic farms and orchards, and examples of green building on the US East and West Coasts and Hawaii gathering best practices information and land use strategies from existing farms, retreats and centers.
March 10, 2012
"For the Birds" Mexican Dinner and Art Auction raises $3,800 in Takshanuk Watershed Council scholarship funds for Spring 2012 bird banding training at 7 Echoes Homestead.
March 10 -
May 26, 2012
"Letting Mother Nature Do the Work: An introduction to permaculture gardening in Haines," offered through the Haines Borough Community Education program, has 26 enrolled adult students with experience levels from beginners to Master Gardeners. Melissa Aronson, Instructor. Course initiated by 7 Echoes Homestead gardeners.
April 13 - April 22
Launch of the Ts'ats'ee Bird Banding Station at 7 Echoes Homestead-- a required step to establish the first Bird Observatory in Southeast Alaska. Master Bander Danielle Kaschube from the Institute for Bird Populations in Point Reyes, California trains 10 fledgling bird banders.
June 26, 2012 
Closing date for sale of the Nelson Homestead to a conservation buyer, the first major step to place a conservation easement on the majority of the homestead.
June 2012
Resume Southeast Alaska Land Trust conservation easement application with Conservation Buyer; process will take 1-2 years to complete.
June 19, 2012
First Advisory Committee Meeting at 7 Echoes Homestead
June 22-23, 2012
Jewell Gardens invites Melissa Aronson to Skagway and hosts "Letting Mother Nature Do the Work: An introduction to permaculture gardening in Skagway"; Melissa Aronson, Instructor
July 17, 2012
Advisory Committee community celebration potluck with friends, neighbors and associates to mark the launch of on-site activities
August 12, 2012 
Getting More Out of Life With Family - first onsite workshop led by Robin Grace
Fall 2012 
Haines Borough High School Course: Construction 1, Ed Hays, Instructor, with guest speakers on green building practices and job opportunities - Students construct modular 14' X 16" retreat studio 
October 18
Alaska Day opening for Amy Gulick photography exhibit, Salmon in the Trees: Life in Alaska's Tongass Rain Forest, Sheldon Museum and Cultural Center; Opening reception, October 20
October 15 -
24, 2012 
Amy Gulick residency to promote local foods campaign produced collaboratively with 20 nonprofits and businesses; Museum exhibition, borough-wide presentations, book signings. 7 Echoes Homestead and Alaska Arts Confluence facilitate and coordinate collaborations and host Amy Gulick.
Wiinter 2013 
Redesign organic permaculture garden, plan land reclamation work, proposal writing; long-range planning: 1) infrastructure and built environment; 2) plan capital campaign; 3) collaborative programs with local entities.

Spring 2013


Plan summer events and garden.



Summer 2013