Shedding Light

I'm beginning to understand why a squirrel doesn't need to be taught to store food for winter. Equal days and nights alone make me want to gather in. I cringe through endless hours of drizzle. Something akin to mourning brings a longing for bright skies. Today the promise of sunshine sends me outdoors to finish end-of-summer tasks.

Where did summer go?

You know summer in Haines is over when you have time to blog and update your website. Summer 2013 will be remembered for non-stop, sunny, blue-sky days and gardens overflowing. It will be remembered for the best Southeast Alaska State Fair in decades and the biggest blueberries. Now planning for next year's garden begins, ever-so-liesurely. Order garlic seed, check compost, design the hydrology system for the new garden area and high tunnel, start thinking about what to grow and where. Most of all savor the fruits of our foraging and summer garden at every meal.