Parent's Workshop

7 Echoes Homestead is pleased to announce our first on-site workshop especially for parents, presented by Robin Grace

Getting More Out of Life with Family

An interactive parent workshop and potluck finger food brunch

1:00 pm, Sunday, August 12

7 Echoes Homestead, 7 Mile Mud Bay Road

Come to the 7 Echoes Homestead house at the end of the driveway to explore styles of relating which effectively help us in our communication within our families.

Positive and easy ways to learn experiential exercises and a discussion will be facilitated by Robin Grace, Family Therapist

Bring questions, ideas and feel welcome to share comments

Some of the skills and practices we will consider include:

  • Reflective vs. reactive responses
  • Look for causes of problems not just symptoms
  • Listening, understanding and providing positive solutions help children and adults develop strategies for coping with tensions which occur in our daily lives – “When I am angry I can….”
  • Mentalizing tools: “thinking about thinking” help us to know our mind and the mind of the “other”
  • Modeling knowing one’s mind
  • Collaborative thinking, “How do you think we are doing?”
  • Understanding attachment styles can help free us to support security

7 Echoes Homestead was founded in 2012 to provide a creative forum to further cultural enrichment and the core issues of sustainability in our community.